Capabilities Statement

Relative Weed Control specializes in weed/pest services for any size property, along with large acreage mowing, including fencelines, right of ways etc. Our expertise not only includes experience, but also bachelor’s degrees in horticulture and agronomy. We strive to satisfy all clients, but are not afraid to recommend the best overall solution to any task.

We also have multiple commercial pesticide applicators licenses for applying weed and pest control solutions to any and all landscapes or ranges. We are well known in our industry for being capable of doing large jobs as quickly and effectively as possible.

We are looking for any and all contracts in our fields of expertise. Our demographics are national. We would like any large mowing job or chemical application. We are a small business and no one is afraid to get our hands dirty. The owner and any employees share the same workload.

Our clients are repeatedly impressed with our knowledge of our industries and our abilities to do more work with less people. We don’t need a five man crew to complete a two man job, but our goal is to be awarded enough contracts to grow our company and create at least 5 more jobs in the next year.